Who We Are

Republik is a creative production company in Iceland, founded and operated by passionate filmmakers. For over a decade the company has offered expert production service and is a dedicated production partner for any kind of project. We strive to exceed expectations and provide tailored solutions to make great ideas come to life. 

Republik Film Productions was founded by director brothers Arni Thor Jonsson and Lalli Jonsson in 2005. The company grew quickly to become one of the leading production companies in Iceland, winning numerous awards for their work and providing expert production services to happy clients from all over the world. 

Arni Thor is also a co-founder of Spears and Arrows in Los Angeles, boutique production company that offers world-class talent for commercial work. He works all over the globe doing commercial work. 

Lalli Jonsson operates as the leading executive producer at Republik, along with his successful directing career and managing various television programs. 

Ada Benjaminsdottir is the head of production at Republik. With her smarts and wealth of knowledge of Iceland’s infrastructure, she offers the best solutions and information on how to get things done in Iceland. Ada is also a co-partner in Republik, having worked with the company since 2009. 

Jon Thor Hannesson, the pioneer of film services in Iceland (service producer on A View to A Kill, Die Another Day, Batman Begins), operates as a key figure in development at Republik, using his vast knowledge and experience to make things happen.

Their combined know-how, smarts and experience in filmmaking is the core of the company. Republik’s staff and affiliates have a dedicated state of mind and believe that no project is impossible. A significant, memorable and successful result is what we value the most. 


Ada Benjaminsdottir

Head of Production / Partner

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Arni Thor Jonsson

Partner / Founder

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Lalli Jonsson

Partner / Founder

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Halldor Hilmisson


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Hannes Fridbjarnarson


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Jon Thor Hannesson

Development / Producer

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