Republik has produced a variety of content for cinema and TV in recent years and is currently in development on numerous exciting projects. Creative ideas that have been nurtured and developed with care, in collaboration with various directors and talent, produced with great success. 

We’re always looking for the right project to take part in, whether it needs to be filmed in Iceland or not. We like good ideas and stories. Republik is a proud producer of award winning creative content. 

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TV Documentary series

Lalli Jonsson


Short film

Magnus Leifsson

Áramótaskaup 2019

Comedy Show

Reynir Lyngdal

Come To Harm

Short film

Börkur Sigþórsson

Man of the Stage


Ágúst Guðmundsson

Grandma Lo-Fi

Documentary Film

Kira Kira & Orri Jonsson

Spólað yfir hafið


Andri Freyr Vidarsson

Fyrir Alla Muni

TV Program

Kristofer Dignus



Lalli Jonsson