Production service

  • Full production services for all aspects of filming
  • An elite class of international directors
  • A global network of contacts

Republik has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2005, and we attribute this success to the know-how and dedication of our staff and collaborators.

We understand that the best results come from combining the passion and the experience of just the right people.

No project is impossible – the greater the challenge, the greater the satisfaction of a job well done.

Production services that exceed expectations

  • Producers with decades of experience
  • Commitment to each project, big or small
  • Our experience & local knowledge guarantee maximum production value

Spectacular Locations

  • Just a few hours from continental Europe & North America
  • Easy access to an amazing variety of unique landscapes
  • Most dream locations are less than a few hours away from Reykjavik

Snowy hilltops, beaches, glaciers, and the chic capital Reykjavik are all within easy reach of each other – always handy for commercial productions on a tight

Iceland’s light conditions also come in handy, with no more than a few hours’ darkness a day from mid-May to August.

But if that’s still not enough for your needs, Republik also offers production services in Greenland, Iceland’s giant neighbor.

Good to know

Icelandic Currency: Krona
International Dialing Code: +354
Voltage: 220 V / 50 HZ
Weights & Measures: Metric
Average Temperature in Summer: 10–13 °C/50–55 °F
Average Temperature in Winter: 2°C/35,6 °F

Getting here & being here

Flights to Iceland:

  • 2.5 hours from London
  • 5 hours from The Big Apple
  • 3 hours from Copenhagen
  • 1.5 hours from Scotland

Iceland has a range of world-class hotels, boutique hotels and luxury apartments. So beware, your working stay may feel like a holiday.

No matter how remote the location may be, Iceland’s infrastructure is wide-ranging and efficient.

Crews are reliable, friendly, and hardworking professionals. A shoot day is 12 hours, and after that time and a half.
Crews are non-union.

Extra services we arrange

Tax Reimbursement

Productions that qualify for a tax incentive can be reimbursed for up to 25% of the production cost in Iceland. We can help you get all the bits and pieces done to make that happen.

Post Production

Our local post production partners provide world class post production at highly competitive rates.

Casting Agencies

Iceland’s experienced casting agencies can find the right talent for almost any conceivable role.

Film Gear

All state-of-the-art film gear is provided through two local equipment rentals. If we can’t source what you need here, we’ll have it shipped in for you at short notice through our partners both sides of the Atlantic.