Republik Film Production was founded by the director brothers Arni Thor Jonsson and Lalli Jonsson in 2005. They quickly built up the company with dedicated collaborators and ventured into new territories, such as documentaries and offering production services. Arni is also a co-founder of the production company Spears & Arrows in USA. Through the years Lalli Jonsson has been producing alongside directing. Jon Thor Hannesson, the godfather of film services in Iceland, was the service producer on such films as James Bond A View To a Kill and Die Another Day, Batman Begins, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to mention few. Their combined know how and the dedicated professional staff at Republik is the core of the company. There is no project that is impossible. A significant and memorable end result is what we value the most. The best results come from combining the passion and experience of just the right people.

Our shooting partners around the world: 
ACNE, Affinity Film, Alligator Film, BBC, Benaroya Pictures, Bikini Films, Bistro Films, Blink Productions, Chimera Films, Chug Films, Code Film, Cohn & Co., Compass Productions, Dark Energy Films, Dreamteam, Easy Hell Film Productions, Etic Pictures, Far From Hollywood, Filmmaster, Film Orange, Generator, H Films, H2 Films, Iconoclast, KANYE WEST, Kipany Productions, Kleinman Productions, Les Producers, Limelight, Mad Films, Maison Film & Production, Markenfilm, Micon Productions, Moonwalk Films, Mr. Bob Films, Neue Sentimental, off-lo-hi, OTO Film, Otto Film Productions, Parafilm, Pink, Pioneer TV, Platige Image, Play Films, Premier Heure, Production International – London, Protos, Quad Productions, Radioaktive, RCR, Redorfe Asia, Red Seven, Robota, Romance Productions, SOFT CITIZEN, Soft Pillow, Somesuch & Co., Soup Film, Spears and Arrows, Stillking Productions, Stink, Tandem, Target Films, The Bank, This Is TV, Tony Petersen Film, Warner Bros., Winkreative, Wonderboys Films